A Global Community
Protecting One Another

“The era of the stand-alone defense is giving way to the collective.” – Marc Seybold, CIO SUNY-Old Westbury

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If they harm one of us, they harm us all.

We would like to inspire you with something that inspires us.  It is a simple idea that can profoundly impact your network’s security.  Working as individuals in isolation, we don’t always know who the “bad guys” are, but working together we do. This transforms the way we traditionally defend our networks.  Imagine the power of working in unison with people from around the world protecting our fundamental right to be secure.  We think it’s truly possible.  All you need is an “architecture of collaboration,” an open mind and the courage to think differently about solving problems. We are joined together in our mutual belief that Internet security should be honored as a basic human right.

Collaborative Effort

CINS Army is a collaborative effort sponsored by Sentinel IPS for the purpose of defending your fundamental right to be secure on any network.  The CINS Army helps defend your networks and provide you the opportunity to contribute to the security of others.  This is a way for us to work together for the benefit of all CINS Army “volunteers.”  

Community Sourced

CINS Army is also a way for our company to give back to the InfoSec community by sharing intelligence that is harvested from our intrusion prevention efforts. This intelligence doesn’t replace the security function or achieve the high-security levels Sentinel IPS customers demand, but it is a great benefit for companies that do not have access to intrusion prevention systems or active threat intelligence feeds.

Growing Movement

CINS Army is a growing movement dedicated to defending our right to be secure. “Volunteers,” as we like to call them, contribute and benefit from using collective intelligence and working together with security professionals to strengthen networks around the world.