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After registering with us, we’ll provide you with a unique link and simple token to download a tar file of our public CINS Army Threat Intelligence. The tar contains several formats, including STIX, Snort rules, Suricata rules, and a simple text file.

CINS Army is a way for our company to give back to the community by sharing valuable threat intelligence harvested from our CINS system. The CINS Army List is a subset of the CINS Active Threat Intelligence ruleset provided to our Sentinel IPS customers, and consists of IP addresses that meet two basic criteria: 1) The IP address’ recent Rogue Packet score factor is very poor, and 2) The InfoSec Community has not yet identified the IP address as malicious. We think this second factor is extremely important: Why waste time listing thousands of IP addresses that have already appeared on other reputation lists? Our CINS Army list is meant to supplement and enhance the InfoSec Community’s existing efforts by providing IP addresses that have not been identified as malicious, yet.

This list is also distributed through Emerging Threats’ (now Proofpoint) rulesets.


Please Note: As of October 2013, we've expanded the reach of this list. What used to be a simple 'Top 100' offending IP addresses has now expanded to a list of IP addresses that meet the above criteria. The rationale for both lists is similar, so it should not impact the efficacy of the list. We just wanted everyone to be aware of the change.